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The "Strata Series" was inspired by the cross-sectional profiles of the earth. The resulting series was worked on water-soluble fabric in free motion machine embroidery. The series was SHORT LIVED. Thus, this blog is a place to BURY blog the cross-sectional profiles. It functions as a support area for my "main" blog which is Art in Stitches by Susan Lenz.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Looking for a Mate! An public art quilt project!


"Looking For a Mate” is a community based art project aimed to educate the public about art quilts* by providing an opportunity to participate in the construction of a concept-driven fiber work. The project also includes a strong emphasis on using post-consumer products and incorporates a happy sense of humor.

Using donated “mate less” socks on recycled acrylic felt, the art quilt will take form. The recycled felt is a packaging material used by several canoe and kayak distributors who ship their vessels to retail shops like Guy Jones’ River Runner, 905 Gervais Street, Columbia, SC.

The project will take place at this location during the annual Vista Lights celebration, Thursday, November 18, 2010.

The public will be invited to bring their “mate less” socks to the annual event through advertisements in the local FreeTimes weekly publication. Straight pins and safety pins will assist members of the public in attaching their socks to the acrylic felt substrata. Fiber artist Susan Lenz and her new studio assistant Sarah Martin will be on hand to assist and to demonstrate appliqué and quilting stitches. The public will be encouraged to stitch on the work as well. Susan Lenz has agreed to create a proto-type art quilt and have it on-hand during Vista Lights to serve as a finished example. She will also complete the public assisted quilt and have it on display at River Runner during the annual spring celebration, Artista Vista in 2011.

The completed art quilt will become the property of the Congaree Vista Guild in appreciation of the funding grant.

*art quilt…must be predominantly fabric or fabric-like material and must be composed of at least two full and distinct layers - a face layer and a backing layer. The face and backing layers must be held together by hand- or machine-made functional quilting stitches or other elements that pierce all layers and are distributed throughout the surface of the work.


The only funds necessary for a successful project are the costs of advertisement in the Free-Times. Ginny Kuhn, Retail Account Executive at the weekly publication, has extended the lowest rate possible, “event rates”. She suggested quarter page advertisements in both the November 3, 2010 and November 10, 2010 issues. The Free-Times staff can create these advertisements at no additional cost. She further suggested that the Vista Guild include the “mate less sock” request in its annual Vista Lights layout in the November 17th issue, thus eliminating the need for another, separate ad for this project. In conversation with Deirdre Mardon of the Vista Guild and members of Riley Communication, this plan was deemed quite intelligent and feasible. The cost of each quarter page ad is $245 making the total $490.00. Deirdre Mardon presented this proposal to the Vista Guild Board, and they adopted the project!


Anyone can donate “mate less” socks to the upcoming project by dropping them by Susan’s live/work location, just a single block off the Vista, at 2123 Park Street in historic Elmwood Park, Mon. – Fri., between the hours of 9:30 – 5:00 and on some Saturdays from 10 – 2 (or 24/7 in the mailbox!) An alternate drop-off location is at Susan’s studio at Gallery 80808/Vista Studios, 808 Lady Street in the Vista!


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