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The "Strata Series" was inspired by the cross-sectional profiles of the earth. The resulting series was worked on water-soluble fabric in free motion machine embroidery. The series was SHORT LIVED. Thus, this blog is a place to BURY blog the cross-sectional profiles. It functions as a support area for my "main" blog which is Art in Stitches by Susan Lenz.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Muses, A Series on antique book pages

(Above: Muses, Time Will Tell. Click on any image in this post to enlarge.)

This post illustrates the mixed media pieces in Susan Lenz's series "Muses". The series takes its name from the title of the book from which these foundation pages were taken. The book was published in 1655 !!! The title was: TABLEAVX DV TEMPLE DES MVSES, Tirez Dv Cabinet De Fev Mr. Favereav. When purchased by Susan Lenz and her husband Steve Dingman, the book was NOT COMPLETE. It was missing several engravings and had been rebound at least once since its 17th century date of publication. The images were removed, framed, and sold through Susan and Steve's business, The Mouse House, Inc. Susan, however, couldn't bring herself to discard the antique text. To touch them is to finger history. Susan's concept for this series is to convey a sense of time using current, modern expressions in juxtaposition to the antique French words about even older, Classic Greek mythology. She mounted each page on heavy upholstery material, added watercolor and ink, hand stitching, free motion machine embroidery, and collages of clipped vintage letters and other ephemera. There will be a total of 88 pieces. That's all the pages Susan has! The first six were created during August 2011 while at Hot Springs National Park as an artist-in-residence. The remainder were done after returning to Columbia. The six made in Arkansas are framed differently but the majority are matted to 20" x 16". The top mat includes a champagne-colored filet. All pages are "top mounted" ... meaning the entire page is visible including all edges. The six made in Arkansas are framed. Twenty-five of the others are also framed; the others will be shrink-wrapped in their mats. The framed pieces will cost $225. The matted and shrink-wrapped ones will be priced at $150. All images can be "clicked on" for an enlarged view.

(Above: Muses, Touch Tone.)

(Above: Muses, You'll Never Know.)

(Above: Muses, Time Flies When You're Having Fun.)

(Above: Muses, Think For Yourself.)

(Above: Muses, The Magic Touch.)

(Above: Muses, Running On Empty.)

(Above: Muses, On the Tip of My Tongue.)

(Above: Muses, Time After Time.)

(Above: Muses, Home Sweet Home.)

(Above: Muses, Hit a Nerve.)

(Above: Muses, Heart Felt.)

(Above: Muses, Face the Facts.)

(Above: Muses, My Mind is a Blank.)

(Above: Muses, Cover All Your Bases.)

(Above: Muses, Caught in the Middle.)

(Above: Muses, As Far As I Can Reach.)

(Above: Muses, All the Right Moves.)

(Above: Muses, Don't Ever Underestimate Me.)

(Above: Muses, The Time of Your Life.)

(Above: Muses, Time Waits for No One.)

(Above: Muses, Just Google It.)

(Above: Muses, At the Stroke of Midnight.)

(Above: Muses, A Ticking Clock.)

(Above: Muses, A Little Touched.)

(Above: Muses, The Hands of Time.)

(Above: Muses, And Miles to Go Before I Sleep.)

(Above: Muses, All's Well That Ends Well.)

(Above: Muses, I Swear to Tell the Truth.)

(Above: Muses, The Master's Touch.)

(Above: Muses, Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep.)

(Above: Muses, Keep in Touch.)

(Above: Muses, I Have a Dream.)

(Above: Muses, Extra, Extra, Read All About It.)

(Above: Muses, Out of Touch.)

(Above: Muses, The Check is in the Mail. One of the works created during Susan's artist-in-residency at Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas. Click on any image to enlarge.)

(Above: Muses, Secrets from the Past. Created in Arkansas. Click on any photo to enlarge.)

(Above: Muses, Touched. Created in Arkansas.)

(Above: Muses, In the Blink of an Eye. Created in Arkansas.)

(Above: Muses, Can You hear Me Now? Created in Arkansas.)

(Above: Muses, Your Place Or Mine?)

(Above: Muses, The Morning After.)

(Above: Muses, Over the Line. Created in Arkansas.)

(Above: Muses, Spend Your Time Wisely. Example of matting.)

(Above: Muses, Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace.)

(Above: Muses, See Spot Run.)

(Above: Muses, One In a Million.)

(Above: Muses, Stay Tuned For a Very Important Message.)

(Above: Muses, Missing in Action.)

(Above: Muses, In Case of Emergency Dial 911.)

(Above: Muses, Don't Ask, Don't Tell.)

(Above: Muses, Any Minute Now.)

(Above: Muses, No Time Like the Present.)

(Above: Muses, Reach Out and Touch.)

(Above: Muses, Name Rank and Serial Number.)

(Above: Muses, Time Heals All Wounds.)