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The "Strata Series" was inspired by the cross-sectional profiles of the earth. The resulting series was worked on water-soluble fabric in free motion machine embroidery. The series was SHORT LIVED. Thus, this blog is a place to BURY blog the cross-sectional profiles. It functions as a support area for my "main" blog which is Art in Stitches by Susan Lenz.

Friday, November 6, 2015




49” x 37”

This piece developed slowly. My stash of vintage household linens had grown too large but I couldn't part with any of the pieces ... even the stained or damaged ones. Someone had stitched these tea towels, pillowcases, table runners, and napkins. I cherished them. While visiting Elmwood Cemetery (which is only three blocks from my house), I noticed the tombstone erected in memory of unknown family members. There seemed to be a connection between the anonymous stitches and the almost forgotten burial site. The 1930s era child's slip sealed the mental design ... my vision for this work. I bought the slip in a "table lot" at Bill Mishoes' auction. The grave rubbing was made on Easter morning, 2011. The quilt was designed during the early summer.  It was stitched during my August art residency at Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas.  Every Saturday that month found me in one of the historic bathhouses stitching in public.  This piece was a perfect way to show the legacy of remembrance and my personal approach to making art quilts while also talking about the women who would have come to that very building in the heyday of the hot springs … bringing their crazy quilts and embroidery threads to be plied on household linens just like the ones I used to make the piece.


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