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The "Strata Series" was inspired by the cross-sectional profiles of the earth. The resulting series was worked on water-soluble fabric in free motion machine embroidery. The series was SHORT LIVED. Thus, this blog is a place to BURY blog the cross-sectional profiles. It functions as a support area for my "main" blog which is Art in Stitches by Susan Lenz.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Charles Otis


Charles Otis

46” x 38”

Before Valentine's Day in 2011, I got permission from the Unitarian Church in Charleston to make a grave rubbing of Otis Charles' tombstone. This was a really big deal because almost all the downtown cemeteries have posted rules prohibiting rubbings.  This is the first time I've ever made a rubbing from an entire grave. It is also the first time that I've included a full name with dates too. The crochet pieces were once a bedspread. It seems that the person making it accidentally used a different thread half way through the production, which probably discolored/bleached out once it was washed. The result was a strange two-toned off-white thing that looked dreadful. It had several holes. I had my studio assistant carefully cut all the pieces apart.  I really liked having two shades of crochet for the embellishments. They are all attached using French knots.  All the letters have been outlined in free motion embroidery ... including all the strange letters that replace some of the letter "s". They sort of resemble an "f" but the horizontal, crossing line only appears on the right side.  I didn’t know what this letter was called.  I blogged about the finished art quilt and asked my cyber readers if they knew.  One lady did.  It is called a “long s”.  There is even a Wikipedia entry for this unique letter.


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