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The "Strata Series" was inspired by the cross-sectional profiles of the earth. The resulting series was worked on water-soluble fabric in free motion machine embroidery. The series was SHORT LIVED. Thus, this blog is a place to BURY blog the cross-sectional profiles. It functions as a support area for my "main" blog which is Art in Stitches by Susan Lenz.

Friday, November 6, 2015

The Cemetery


The Cemetery

68” x 55”

My son is a principal dancer with Birmingham Royal Ballet … in England.  I have several blogging fiber friends … in England … including Julie Mackinder.  As a parent, I’d never allow my child to travel across the Atlantic Ocean to meet a cyber pal, but as an art quilter, I had no worries about meeting Julie in the Nottingham Cemetery.  We had a blast!  I knew I wanted to return with a really big piece of silk to make a whole-cloth design from the wonderful slate grave markers.  Slate is the absolute perfect material for a quality grave rubbing. Evidently, it is also the perfect material for someone to chisel extraordinarily complicated and ornate details too. I've confirmed that slate was being quarried in the Nottingham area during most of the 19th century. The graves dated from the early 1840s through the 1890s.  In March 2011 I got my chance to return to Nottingham.  My husband Steve came with me.  It took us under one hour and fifteen minutes to make all the grave rubbings for this work.  I couldn’t have done it without Steve.  He was an excellent assistant … holding the fabric in place while I used my brown and black crayons.


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